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5 Things Your Coaching Website Needs

Hey Coach 👋

Do you currently have a website but it isn’t bringing you the results you desire? Maybe you’ve spent a lot of time marketing your business, and you receive a lot of website visits but there is still no conversion.

Here are a few things to include on your website to improve that.

✨ Have a strong personal statement that communicates how you can transform your audience’s life.

✨ Describe why you are qualified to help your audience who is facing a specific problem. Let your superpower shine.

✨ Share evidence (testimonials) that confirms why they should trust you to help them.

✨ Include high-resolution photos of yourself vs. using stock photos. Remember, people connect with people.

✨ Strong call-to-action; direct your audience on how they can work with you.

At JOA Template shop we provide templates that help to simplify your launch and bring maximum conversion.

Skip the hassle of designing your website yourself, by using templates that saves you time and are designed to convert.

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